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The history, the values and the goals characterising Taro Plast's philosophy and line of work.


When Taro Plast was founded in 1978, nobody could have imagined that the road from the small compounding workshop dedicated to ABS coloring would have lead us to the today worldwide globalized technical plastic market.


During the 80's Taro Plast has always been ahead of the stream in technical compounding as first Italian compounder specialized in new products based on PC and alloys, PBT and PET. R&D has always been the core center of the company with continuous work to obtain best formulations for flame retardant compounds, new alloys and special fillers.


In the early 90's Taro Plast had the view to utilize its technical competence to develop into the PP compounding technology. This range of product has never been considered in Taro Plast as a commodity business; with its technical background in engineering plastics Taro Plast has been able to fast develop a full range of high performing PP reinforced, flame resistant and special reinforcement compounds to serve the increasing industry demand for competitive alternative solution to polyamide and others engineering plastics.


At the end of 1998 the company was acquired by a multinational colossus with a solid background in thermosetting plastic, and Taro Plast was assigned the task of producing thermoplastic under the Bakelite brand for Europe. During the next decade Taro Plast has continued its mission of products innovation and has become an European player in the engineering plastics market.
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In 2006 the partnership with Bakelite was coming to a conclusion and, after eight years of successful experience within a multination group, the ownership of Taro Plast returned to its founder Squeri family.


During 2010 a brand new division for Thermoplastic Elastomer production has been developed in Taro Plast with the aim to support and serve the industry not only with rigid compounds but also with soft touch. The star of the new division is TPE-V (Taroprene), a product line with top level technical competences and expertise.


During 2015 Taro Plast makes another step ahead in the industry with its new division for LGF-PP (long glass fibre-PP) production. The LGF-PP extend Taro Plast competences from standard engineering plastics and PP reinforced to structural composite products.  


Currently Taro Plast has a production capacity of approx. 70.000 tons per year with a large range of products, while our laboratories improve every day the quality and technical winning characteristics of the materials. Taro Plast is able to create value for its customer with a high level of product and formulation customization; more than 1.000 new product formulations are developed yearly to optimize customer needs and application.


The best way for us to explain our Customer Satisfaction project is to begin from an unconventional starting point: the project is for our own purposes. To guarantee our customers assistance and a punctual, efficient service, namely a Quality service, means first of all doing ourselves a favour. A thorough examination of what satisfies and dissatisfies our customers is one of our key processes, and the one that enables us to create a virtuous circle in which we all contribute towards creating Value.


A company in which the processes are effectively integrated leads to satisfied customers and involves a global approach in which each individual in the production chain works towards creating and improving it. In this system, those producing satisfaction and those perceiving it are at the same point of a circle in which the desire to create Quality matches the customer’s expectations. The customer perceives the value and again triggers the need to ensure that the effect is prolonged and ongoing. The circle opens and closes once again.


Every single aspect within our company’s system must play a decisive role with regards to the Perceived Satisfaction of our customers. There are no first or second class processes. Taro Plast possesses a complex system that works towards creating Value. If this Value is perceived on the outside the way it was conceived inside, then the Satisfaction grows on solid foundations and ensures that our commitment is constantly geared towards improvement. Increasing the satisfaction of our customers improves our way of working and vice versa.

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