Taro Company

When Taro Plast was founded in 1978, nobody could have envisaged that the road from the small-time to the globalised market and worldwide competition would have been such a windy and risky affair. Some still remember ABS, the material with which the company first set out. Yet so much has changed since then.


Production of new compound based on PBT and PET got underway. We start up a new production site expecially for PP compounds. R&D worked to obtain best formulations for flame retardant compounds, new alloys and special fillers.


In 1998 the company was acquired by a multinational colossus with a solid background in thermosetting plastic, and Taro Plast was assigned the task of producing thermoplastic under the Bakelite brand for Europe. The company branched out in many directions from this point on; the production capacity increased and the company went from producing 9,000 up to 30,000 tonnes.


Since 2005 decisive steps have been taken, and now the timing is right. In 2006, eight years on, ownership of Taro Plast returned to its 1998 owner (Giuseppe Squeri S.a.p.a.).


PP compound once again plays a part in the company’s destiny. Indeed at the end of 2006, Taro Plast S.p.A. acquired Sori’s entire compounding branch Actually Taro Plast produce approx 40.000 tons per year with a large mix products, laboratories improve everyday quality and technical winning caratheristics of its materials.



During 2010 a brand new division for Thermoplastic Elastomer production has been developped in Taro Plast with the aim to support and serve the industry not only with rigid compounds but also with soft touch. Focus of the new division is TPE-V (Taroprene), product line where technical competences and expertises are at top level.